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Today Disney stock (DIS) hit an all time high of $197.93. Even with a couple Disney parks closed, Disney Plus has done so well that they are all their all time stock price high! We expect Disney stock to get to about $250. Assuming that the pandemic does not get worse. So, if you’re an investor that invests in Disney, you may want to wait until later in the year to sell, when all the Disney parks are open. (And maybe even buy DIS now.) The main reason for Disney stock increase today is the launch of Star. Though I do not like the release of Star, and am happy that it will not come to the United States of America. (Star is a new Disney Plus thing, that has rated R content. It’s only in certain places, not including the USA, but it is dumb. Now there are parental controls, but Disney Plus was originally supposed to not need any controls.  I do wish they did not do this, but it is what it is and it’s why DIS hit it’s all time high.) As Disney parks opens up, the stock price will increase. I think we will see a small increase when Disney’s California Adventure opens up most of the food and dining. And of course when Disneyland and all the other Disney parks reopen, there will be a stock price increase and a lot more happy guests. Until that, Disney Plus and the Disney parks that are open will increase the stock price, and make people happy.

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