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Just recently the food Cast Member union announced that 1,000 cast members were called back to reopen the Food and Dining in California Adventure, except for Avengers Campus. This will not include any rides, but it will include most of the dining and shopping that were available pre COVID. There is also a rumor that Main Street will also open, but it is just a rumor. But there is a new hand washing station that was recently seen on Main Street in Disneyland. So it could maybe happen, but no one knows. What this means is that Disneyland Resort is getting closer to fully reopening, California Adventure’s food and shops will all be mostly open next month. And there is a rumor that Main Street will open at the same time, that is a ton closer to reopening Disneyland! There is no exact date for more of California Adventure to open, but it’s mid March so possibly the 15th of March. It’s crazy that in a month, you can go walk around Radiator Springs, you can go eat at Flo’s V8 Cafe, and just be able to walk around most of California Adventure! We are getting pretty close to reopening, so make sure you sign up for the Disney News Today newsletter, so you can stay updated on all things Disney!