Just Barley, Disney announced that California Adventure will have a food festival! It will be similar to taste to knots. It will be a big event, Disney has called back about 1,000 cast members! This will likely happen a few days a week. You will have to buy a ticket, California Adventure will open back up more. No rides will open, that we have heard of. But this is one step closer for Disneyland reopening! This will kind of be a COVID-19 Food and Wine festival. This could mean that Disneyland is opening sooner than we thought! Because this is kind of like the Food and Wine festival, it will likely go through Pacific Warf, Paradise Gardens, and who knows what else! It could also include¬†Knick’s Knacks, a nice big store. It’s close to Lamp Light Lounge, so maybe another great resterant! We are excited to see what happens! Make sure you sign up for our newsletter to get updated about the festival, and much much more!