Credit to Disney for all the images

Disneyland, “The Happiest Place on Earth!”, I can’t disagree! I LOVE Disneyland, and narrowing it to my top 10 favorite attractions, is REALLY hard. But I think I got it right. First, Splash Mountain, I love Splash Mountain. It is a really fun ride. But watch out, you may get wet!, you will get wet actually!

Splash Mountain is a log Flume Ride, semi based on the movie Song of the South. Some find Song of the South racist, I don’t really, there are some references, but nothing too bad, and the things that could be found racists are not in the ride for the most part.
The Haunted Mansion, definitely the least thrilling on this list, but one of the best! It’s a slow moving ride, but there is no shortage of story! There are also REALLY good effects!
Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, it is based off of Bryce Canyon in Utah! It is REALLY detailed, and has some good thrills. and some back story, associated with the town.
Indiana Jones Adventure! This ride has some thrill, a few things some may find scary, and a story. This ride has one of the best pre shows,, and has a ton of theming!
Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance, the newest ride in Disneyland! This is the most themed ride in Disneyland, all of Galaxy’s Edge is so themed! There are a couple little thrills, and a TON of theming and story!
Space Mountain, what a fun ride. Most of the ride is in mostly darkness, with only some stars in the distance! This ride does not go as fast as some, but it sure feels fast not knowing which way you are going to turn!
Matterhorn Bobsleds, is kind of the most thrilling! Partially because the ride is so rickety. But beware of the Yeti. The ride is based off Matterhorn Mountain, and is REALLY cool.
Dead men tell no tales, maybe! Pirates of the Caribbean is one of the best, and most classic Disney rides! It also has a very particular smell, similar to Splash Mountain! There are some thrills on this ride, and you may get a little wet!

In the Tiki Tiki Tiki Tiki room. The Tiki Room is also one of the most classic attractions in any Disney park! It is an audio animatronic show that has a very catchy song!
Last is Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run, this ride is kind of a better Star Tours. It is interactive, you and your crew have a mission, and you must fly the Millennium Falcon. There are 3 roles, two pilots, 2 gunners, and 2 engineers! It is a fun interactive ride!
One honorable mention is Jungle Cruise, it is a fun “boat ride!” Half the ride is your skipper, they tell some punny jokes, but the boat and audio animatronics are also really fun!