Meet the Robinsons, is my favorite movie, and the most underrated Disney movie. So what makes Meet the Robinsons so good? The biggest part is the story, and then the music. The story is REALLY good, so a kid named Lewis is an orphan. He is very inventive and joins a science fair, his project is a machine that will show your memory from the past. He wants this because no one wants to adopt him, and he is the only one that they know of that has seen his mother. But someone from the future hates what he will become, so he sabotages his machine for the science fair. But with the help of future family, everything is saved, it is a REALLY good story about family. It also has a quote from Walt Disney, that is used all movie, the quote is “Keep Moving Forward” The music in Meet the Robinsons is VERY good, my favorites are Little Wonders, Another Believer, Give Me the Simple Life, Where is your Heart At, and The Future Has Arrived. It’s REALLY good music. It makes you feel good. It fits the movie VERY well. I think the animation is pretty good, it may not be as good as say Toy Story 4, but it is still good. You REALLY need to watch it, I love Meet the Robinsons so much, it is my favorite movie of all time!

Credit to Disney for the image