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Disney just released so many new pins on Shop Disney! First up is the Winnie the Pooh 55th Anniversary Pin, this pin is limited release, and I really enjoy it!

You can view it on shop disney here:

Next up on our list is the Minnie Mouse Flair Birthday Pin, and the Mickey Mouse Flair Birthday Pin. They are two separate pins, not in a set. I think they are pretty fun, I do prefer the Birthday Pins they had last year, but they are still cool. Both the pins are pretty much the same, except one has Minnie, and the other has Mickey. If you want to buy these pins, they are found here:

Minnie Pin:

Mickey Pin:


Next up we have the Minnie Mouse – Disney Rewards Cardmember Pin 2021. You have to be a Disney VISA card member to get this pin, and it is limited to two per Guest.  I like the colors of the house behinde Minnie. I think it is really cool! If you want to get this pin, it is here:

Next we have the Inside Out Flair Pin Set, I think this one is really fun, because they are roasting matshmellows on Anger. I think it is a great pin set, if you would like to get it, it is here:

Next we have the Forky Flair Pin , from Toy Story 4. I REALLY love the backer card for this pin, because it looks so cool. If you would likew this pin, it is here:

Next we have the Disney store Mystery Collectible Key Pins, this is a Mystery set, there are 6 different pins. Each box comes with one pin. I really like the Mickey Pin, and the Star Wars pins, thoes two really stand out to me. If you would like it, you can find it here:

Note that you can not pick the pins, the pins are randomly picked, so you can get duplicates

Next we have the Carl & Ellie Flair Pin Set, from Up. I love the movie Up so much, it is a really cute movie. These pins are so cool, I am noticing a trend in the Pin from the Flair Collection, the backer cards are always so cool! This one especially, the backer card is their living room, and the pins have them sitting down, breaking open their saving jar. It is really cool, if you would like to get it, which I will likely, then it is here:

You kind of have to appreciate this last pin, it is the I Run on Disney and Caffeine” Flair Pin. I think it is really funny, I can only relate to the running on Disney, but that’s just me. But I know people do run on Caffeine, and Disney. This one is just really funny! If you would like to get this pin, you can find it here:


Well I really like the new pins on shop disney, I think they are really fun, and I think I will get some of them. 


Note, Disney News Today is in no way affiliated with Shop Disney, we get no money from you buying these items, we are just reporting on them.