We So Disneyland is removing annual passes.  We might as well talk about predictions on what is going to replace them. So, my guess is that it will pretty much be the old Disney Flex pass. I think they will have different tiers, but it will be similar. The more money you pay, the more days you can pick from. And the more money you pay, the more days you can go. So for the beginning you will have to make reservation because of COVID-19. But I think in a year or two, they may get rid of having to get reservations for the top passes.

I think they will have 3 different passes. With the top being able to go whenever, assuming it is not at capacity. A middle one where you can go most days, but maybe not Christmas. I also think there will be a bottom one, that does not have major holidays, and very peak times.

I do think they will also have a pass for Southern California residents. But you will not be able to make a ton of reservations, and a ton of days will not be available to them, just like the annual passes for Southern California residents before. I do think that you will not be able to go to the park as often, but I think Disney will work it out well. I do wonder how long after Disneyland opens, will they add the new pass, Disney has not said a ton about what is replacing the annual passes. But they said that something is replacing it.

Credit To Mouse Chat For the Image.

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