Here it is, the thing many of us have been wondering about, the Stitch Crashes Disney Pin Holder with Pin. I thing it looks pretty cool, I am exited to see the pin. Right now you can only reorder it, it will be avalible in Febuary, so you will have to wait a month.

It looks cool, in case you did not know, for all of the collections like this, they have a pin holder for all the pins. They had it for the Minnie Mouse the Main Attraction collection, and there is one for Stitch Crashes Disney. Still, I like Minnie Mouse the Main Attraction better than this collection, but this is still pretty cool. If you want to know more about the Stitch Crashes Disney Collection visit our post here: Stitch Crashes Disney Pin – Beauty and the Beast – Limited Release Pin cost $25! (

If you would like to get this