The short answer, governor Newsom is California’s governor, Ron DeSantis is Florida’s governor. Governor Newsom is very extreme, California’s state government has always not been the best, but now it’s at its worst. Governor Newsom is VERY extreme with COVID-19, California is one of the most unopened states in the Country, if not the most unopened. California closed back in March when everywhere else was also closed, like most places, California was still mostly closed in the beginning of summer. So the plan was to get Disneyland and Disney World opened in mid July, Disney World opened, Disneyland did not. Governor Newsom would not let Disneyland open then, and still has not let Disneyland open even though they have shown they can safely open in parks across the world. Every Disney Park has opened after the initial closure, for a little Disneyland was the only Disney Park not open. Now some of the Disney Parks that opened did have to close, but they did pretty good while they were open. So why was Disneyland never opened after the closure. It is 100% because of Governor Newsom, Governor Newsom has recently been killing the California economy. I think things should open up safely, but staying closed for over a year is not the answer, Now Disneyland is going to be used as a place for people to get the COVID-19 vaccine. I bet that Disney is getting money from the state, because they are going to use Disneyland for the vaccine, but I wish Governor Newsome would reopen California. Some people are more concerned about COVID-19, but at some point you just have to open it up, so people can have a job. There has been some talk to try to get rid of Governor Newsom, but that will be kind of hard. There has also been talk that Disney and similar companies may take it to court, but no one really knows. Avengers Campus is opening in the Summer of 2021, so Disney does know something we don’t, and I think that both parks will open this summer. So, if all goes well, both Disneyland parks will be opened this summer.