Ever wondered what the best things on Disney Plus are, we have you covered. Number 1, Star Wars the Mandolorian. The Mandolorian is the most popular thing on Disney Plus, there are currently 16 episodes, which is 2 seasons. Season 3 of the Mandolorian is coming out late 2021, which will most likely be 8 more episodes. If you have never seen any Star Wars movies that is fine, you can watch the Mandolorian and it will be great. For a little parent guide, the Mandolorian is violent, but if your kids have seen any of the Star Wars movies then they are fine to watch the Mandolorian. 

Number 2, The Imagineering Story, it is a documentary, but it is really fun! I am not big into documentaries, but this was amazing. It talks about things from the past, and future of Disney movies, Disney parks, and all things Disney! There will hopefully be another season, but right now there are 6 episodes. It does hard confirm that Thunder Mountain is based off of Utah’s Bryce Canyon. It is fun for the entire family, like most things Disney.

Number 3, Soul, I loved Soul so much. It had a really good message, and it had a lot of music, and I love music. Honestly the first few minutes of Soul are some of the best. I play the Alto Saxophone, so that made it even better. There were a few weird parts in Soul, but nothing too out there. It’s a really good movie for the entire family!

Number 4, Lady and the Tramp, this is a remake of the original Lady and the Tramp. The Lady and the Tramp on Disney Plus is live action looking. I thought this movie was really good, it was released with Disney Plus, and it is the very first thing I watched, and one of the best. The original one is better, but this is one of the better “Live Action Remakes”. This is another great movie for the entire Family.

Number 5, Safety, this is a really good movie. It is about a college student that had a hard home life, but he was able to go to college for free because he plays football. So he helped his brother out, and you need to watch it because it is so good, don’t want to spoil anything. This is a great movie, but there is a tiny bit of language, and it talks a little about how their mother has drug problems, so just a little parent note.

Those are some of the best things on Disney Plus! Now there are a few things that Disney said when coming to Disney Plus, but they have not. Like Monsters at work, and a few other things. Join our newsletter to learn about new things on Disney Plus, and everything else Disney!

*All credit goes to Disney for the images*