Disney Pin trading started in 1999 for the millenia celebration. Some people just collect pins, and some trade them. You can trade pins with pretty much any cast member, you can only trade two pins, and the cast member can’t say no, unless your pin does not have the official disney copyright information. You can also trade with guests, but that is not as popular and the other guests can say no all they want. One thing to look out for when starting to trade pins is fakes, there are fake pins out there, so starting to pin trade can be hard. I would recommend getting a booster or starter pack from shopdisney.com, or at the Disney Parks. Etsy, Ebay, and Amazon pin lots are full of fakes, if they come in little bags, and no pin back card, they are most likely fakes. There are also fantasy pins, fantasy pins are pins that other people make that love disney, you can’t trade them in the parks, but they are really cool. During COVID-19 to trade pins you have to go to Pin trading stations, where you give them your pin(s) and they give you your pins of choice that they have at that station. They clean every pin, so there is no need to worry about the pins being dirty, or getting COVID-19, because they are clean. With COVID-19, you are not really supposed to trade with other guests, because that is not 6 feet apart, and the pins may not be clean enough for some people, so in general you should probably not trade with other guests for now. When COVID-19 is over, or under control, trading with other guests will likely come back. Pin trading is the same at Disneyland and Disney World, I believe some pin trading goes on at the other Disney Parks, but I don’t know. Disney Pin trading is fun for everyone, especially when you don’t get fakes. If you get fakes, you pick what you do with them, I have a fake Disney pin board, it’s not very big, but it exists.