As you read, just remember that you are the boss of your trip, and you know how much you can afford, how much money, and how much time you can spend away from work, or school. Now, our recommendation is 7 days, we split it up as 2 days at Magic Kingdom, 2 days at EPCOT, 2 days at Hollywood Studios, and 1 day at animal kingdom, you could do another day at Animal kingdom if you have the time, but it is easier to plan if you are just gone for a week. Now if you can only go for a few days, that’s fine, just at least spend one day per park, Magic Kingdom kind of needs two days, but you can get most of it in 1 day. For going more than 4 days, do two days first at Magic Kingdom, then EPCOT, Hollywood Studios, than Animal Kingdom. You could do 2 at Hollywood Studios if you are a big Star Wars fan, instead of 2 at EPCOT, if you are doing 6 days. For planning, I would plan your trip at least one month before, unless you are going during peak times, like the summer, close to Christmas, or for a big event, like the 50th anniversary. If you are going during one of those peak times, I would plan as early as you can, but at least 3 months before. I do think Disney World was better before COVID-19, because most of the live entertainment is closed, but Disney World is trying to bring a lot of it back for its 50th anniversary, along with new rides. Park hopper is available, but you can’t park hopp until the afternoon, so I would recommend not getting park hopper, unless you have a really compact and short trip. Now, Disney World is kind of bringing Magic Hour back for Resort Geusts, but it is only half an hour earlier.