The Return Legacy of Secrets is the 2nd book in the series The Return, By Ridley Pearson. The return takes place after the Kingdom Keepers series. It takes place in 1955 in Disneyland, which is when Disneyland opened, and in 2015 in the¬†Anaheim area. The Kingdom Keepers are on a mission to stop Disney villains from destroying the Disney parks, also known as over takers. They are in 1955 because they need to get Walt Disney’s pen, so that they can defeat the over takers. In 1955 they have many people trying to stop them from completing their mission, but eventually they find the pen, and they put it in a save place, and then go back to 2015. The Kingdom Keepers and the Return are very good books, especially for Disney fans, this is a series, that needs to be read after the Kingdom Keepers, and in order.